Our core values


Having mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.


Requires adherence to moral and ethical principles or soundness of moral character.


Involves showing concern, sympathy for or kindness and emotional support to others


We work together with other individuals and organizations to achieve our objectives


New African Canadians

New African Canadians (NAC) is a Canadian not-for-profit organisation serving the mental health, immigration and settlement needs of newly-arrived individuals to Canada, in addition to preparing them in advance for this experience. NAC provides connections to services, validated information on immigration and settlement processes, as well as individual and group mental health support.

Founded a social group to provide validated information to newcomers on immigration and access

Held dialogue workshops and seminars with guest speakers on different topics and created a Whatsapp group for info-sharing & networking

Whatsapp group expanded and volunteer Executive team appointed

Registered as a not-for-profit organisation in Canada


Our Strategic Areas of Focus

NAC collaborating partners

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